Posted by: 12. August 2011

Milling HRSAs: The Checklist

I don’t hear heat-resistant super alloys (HRSAs) referred to as “exotic materials” or “exotics” all that much lately. Perhaps that’s because materials such as Inconel and Waspaloy have now become far from exotic for an increased number of shops. The metals, if not everyday materials for these shops, are seen at least every week or every month.
As demand for HRSA components has increased, shops such as these have confronted a need to become consistently more productive at machining these metals. A great starting point can be found here—in a list of bullet points from Sandvik Coromant that summarizes some of the most basic process considerations for milling HRSA materials effectively.

The article is part of the Milling Aerospace Alloys area of Sandvik’s new online knowledge center devoted to Titanium & HRSA Machining. If you are struggling to obtain more productivity in any of these high-temperature aerospace metals, take a moment to click through the resources that Sandvik Coromant has gathered together here. 

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