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More McLaren Carbon Fiber

As has been mentioned before, McLaren Group is a builder of composite-intensive vehicles, and its McLaren GT group, which produces race cars, is getting even more intense with the 12C GT Can-Am Edition.

McLaren 1

One of the things that composites allow is the production of limited production runs without a huge cost penalty associated with hard tooling costs.

McLaren GT will build 30 12C GT Can-Am Editions. Production will start in March 2013 at the McLaren plant in Woking, UK.

McLaren 2

The vehicle has the same carbon fiber chassis as used on the 12C. But there is a large carbon fiber rear wing that is said to increase the downforce of the car on the track (the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 with unique engine calibration, which produces 630-hp, means that this is a car that needs to be driven in places where the only speed limits are for pit lanes).

And there are carbon fiber door mirror mounts and covers. Engine cover vents. Side radiator intake vanes. Sill covers. Badges.

Even the dashboard is produced with carbon fiber.

McLaren 3

About that aforementioned lack of cost penalty.

There is a price associated with all this. £375,000.

But if you have to ask. . . .

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