Posted by: 17. January 2014

Precision Parts Cleaning: Secondary No More

Many precision machined parts shops are brining parts cleaning in-house for quality and control. Our website and the February issue of PM has the cleaning industry covered. 

In PM's February issue, we will include a parts cleaning section that will feature products, processes and services to help make shops better aware of the latest technologies in the parts cleaning field.

Since 2012, PM has covered the parts cleaning industry with four annual supplements to our monthly magazine. We began doing this to increase the breadth of coverage given to the precision machined parts industry.

Increasingly, parts cleaning specifications are included in the job specifications submitted by customers to their metalworking vendors. Industries such as medical, electronic and automotive demand that parts meet ever more stringent cleaning standards.

Watch for the issue when it lands in your mailbox in early February. In the meantime, visit our parts cleaning zone online and review the archives of previously published material. 

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