Probe Enables Finish Measurement on CMMs

Aerospace and automotive manufacturers no longer have to move parts for surface finish measurement on hand-held devices or dedicated machinery.


Along with the option for straight or cranked stylus configurations (the latter is shown here), the SFP1’s passive C axis and the infinite positioning of the Revo head enable users to orient the diamond-tipped stylus to virtually any angle.


Although moving parts requires additional labor and introduces potential for error, many aerospace and automotive manufacturers have no other option for verifying surface finish. The CMMs these manufacturers often employ for dimensional measurement would require additional axes of motion and increased resolution to employ a pointed stylus small enough to measure peaks and valleys measured by the nanometer.

Renishaw says the SFP1 probe option for its Revo measuring head alleviates both issues, thereby enabling manufacturers to avoid relying on dedicated machinery or hand-held gages for finish measurements. The five-axis Revo interfaces with an additional, passive axis on the probe itself to facilitate the necessary motion, while laser tip-sensing technology provides the required level of precision.

Two videos produced by the company showcase each of these capabilities, and this article explores the technology behind the Revo and SFP1 probe in more detail.