Posted by: 7. May 2013

"Processing" Information

Day in and day out I am immersed in moldmaking--technology, shops, people, challenges, trends--but at the moment I'm in Florida surrounded by a lot of molding. I'm at the SPI's Equipment & Moldmakers Summit with C-level executives, key policy-makers and business experts listening to and discussing issues affecting the bottom line of plastics suppliers, which ultimately affects moldmakers too.

There are some mold manufacturers in attendance--MSI Mold Builders, Proper Group international, 
FGL Precision Works, Harbec Plastics, MGS Mfg. Group, etc.--but my networking has been mainly with processors in sessions on Healthcare Reform, Workforce Recruitment and Retention for the Long-Term,   Taxes – 2013 and Beyond, Energy Savings Programs and  Changes in OSHA Regulation and Immigration Law.

A lot of good information--all of which helps me to continue our mission of connecting the moldmaking supply chain. Stay tuned for more follow-up from this event.


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