Posted by: 13. March 2013

Programming Competition

Esprit users take note. DP Technology has announced its first “Programmed by Esprit” contest. This is an opportunity for customers, resellers and students to showcase their talents and programming and machining skills. Create and machine an original part programmed entirely with the software and have it displayed at the Esprit World Conference 2013 in St. Pete Beach, Florida, May 6 - 10. Judging will be completed during the conference and winners announced at the Wrap Up session Friday afternoon. (Contest participants do not need to attend the conference.)

Entries will be judged on two main categories:

  • Originality and Quality: Based on original design, quality, accuracy and difficulty of the part.
  • Excellent Display and Programming Challenges: How extraordinary is the part? Not necessarily the most complex, but the part should demonstrate impressive and creative features that Esprit can make.

Awards include $500 for the grand prize winner, three $250 honorable mention awards, and an Esprit polo shirt for each entrant.

See the Rules/Entry Form for complete contest rules and instructions for submitting your entry. Entries must be received by April 15, 2013.


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