Posted by: 17. January 2013

Providing Consistent Tool Engagement in Five Axes

The Adaptive Roughing consistent-tool-engagement-angle tool path is well-suited for features such as this pocket that follows the contour of a cylinder.


BobCAD-CAM is a software developer that has offered affordable, intuitive CAM packages for two- and three-axis machining applications for nearly 30 years. The company recently released its new Version 25 four- and five-axis mill software packages that enable it to offer a single programming platform for an increasing base of customers that are integrating higher-end equipment.


One way users can benefit from these packages is the ability to perform four- and five-axis simultaneous roughing operations. In fact, a new multi-axis tool path available in the company’s four-and five-axis packages makes such simultaneous, multi-axis roughing routines even more efficient. Adaptive Roughing applies the concept of consistent tool engagement angle that previously has been available only for two- and three-axis operations to four- and five-axis simultaneous movements.  The company says it is the first to provide a consistent tool-engagement-angle toolpath strategy for two through five-axis operations.


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