Posted by: 16. July 2013

Scenes That Should Be More Common

Manufacturer Matt Guse of Augusta, Wisconsin is able to use his position as a school board member to ensure that technical instruction isn’t overlooked in the academic priorities of his community. Read more about this. Presented here are a few photos Mr. Guse has shared, illustrating sights that perhaps should be more commonplace in school systems throughout the country.


A shop class (including Mr. Guse's son) won a prize in a manufacturing competition for producing  this casting of the school mascot. Pictured: Katelyn Randall, Dani Nelson, Devon Shilka, Dylan Guse, Pawin Nuntachanoon, Brandon Kimball, teacher Mr. Sands and Alexa Gutshall.


Mr. Guse's company, MRS Machining, hosts annual tours during which groups of students get to see the shop. These photos were taken at the most recent tour.


A nice touch: Cupcakes served at the event had images of CNC machined parts in the frosting.

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