Posted by: 31. August 2012

Shop Develops Its Own Wireless Data Device

ITAMCO, a precision machining service and open gearing facility in Plymouth, Indiana, is one of the shops profiled in our September issue. The focus of the article is how ITAMCO and Task Force Tips, a manufacturer of equipment used by firefighters in nearby Valparaiso, have implemented MTConnect for machine monitoring and other applications.
In the case of ITAMCO, one of those “other applications” is a mobile, Bluetooth-powered wireless industrial data collector/transmitter called iBlue.  MTConnect, a set of open, royalty-free standards that uses XML and Internet protocol technology to publish machine data over a network, provides a common format for the data this device collects and transmits. iBlue was conceived, designed and developed in house by the shop’s own engineering and IT staff. In addition to using the device in its own facilities, the company is beginning to market it globally.

Read about ITAMCO and its iBlue product here.  

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