Posted by: 31. October 2011

Snapshots from Mazak’s T3 Event

Mazak’s recent “Tomorrow’s Technology Today” event in Florence, Kentucky showcased a broad range of new machine models, as well as machining processes engineered around challenging parts. Suggestive of where machining activity is particularly strong, much of the innovation on display focused on parts that are either very large or very small. These photos show examples.



Above, a through-bore rotary table developed with Kitagawa permits a Nexus 700D-II VMC to perform multi-face machining of particularly long parts. A workpiece longer than the one seen here can extend all the way through this rotary table unit and out the rear side of it.



The second photo shows the new VCN Compact machining center, which provides precise, high speed five-axis machining within a small footprint—recognizing that the medical industry in particular requires sophisticated machining, but not large travels. Machines seen at the event are also profiled here.  

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