Posted by: 31. May 2011

Social Media for Machining Businesses

There was a recent industry conference in which I had planned to lead a talk on social media for machining businesses. Plans changed—that talk didn’t happen. Before the change, though, I had already started working with MMS Art Director Rhonda Weaver on a simple flyer to be distributed to those who attended the talk. In a series of brief notes, this flyer summarizes my take on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media vehicles as they relate to promoting a manufacturing business.
In three sentences, my opinion of social media is this: Working these channels is not mandatory for a business such as a job shop or tool & die shop. However, these channels can be effective at raising awareness, even for businesses like these. If you have an interest in social media, you ought to follow that interest.

For even more on social media for machining businesses, download the flyer PDF. Also, check out this blog post on manufacturers beginning a social media journey

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