Posted by: 23. April 2013

So, What Is Everyone Concerned About?


So what are the top concerns of today's small and midsized manufacturers? Let's take a look at some of the findings from one industry survey whose main focus is growth.

Prime Advantage (Chicago, IL) a buying consortium for small and midsized manufacturers, shares results from its fifth annual group CFO survey that provides top financial projections and concerns, including:

1. 72% rated their optimism about financial prospects as moderate to high, an increase of 10 percent over last year.

2. 72% are planning capital expenditures in computer hardware and software

3. 46% have engaged with local educational providers in order to train workers (up from 19% in 2012)

4. 49% are planning to increase the number of employees in 2013 (up from 41% in 2012)

5. 64% feel more optimistic about financial prospects for their own companies, down slightly from 69% a year ago

6. 73% forecast moderate to rapid growth for their key customers for the next 12 months       

7. Health insurance premiums increased for most respondents in the past year and nearly every company (94%) is anticipating an increase in healthcare premiums this year

8. Top priorities in 2013 include cutting operational costs, developing new products and services, and seeking new markets for products and services

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