Posted by: 30. December 2011

Stepping Up to the Plate

Home-grown initiatiatives are popping up to help find skilled workers
to replace the aging population already employed.
Well, it’s time to ring out 2011. And barring any last-minute hiccups, according to most information I’m privy to, it’s been a good year for manufacturing.
Shops I talk to are busy and do not see a let-up in the foreseeable future. Even the catastrophe earlier in the year in Japan that lead to critical shortages in many industries seems to be working itself out sooner than was expected.

As we round the corner into 2012, I wanted to mention two bright spots that recently came to my attention. They have to do with home-grown initiatives to help with our industry’s most pressing problem: finding appropriately skilled workers to fill the current demand for jobs and replacing an aging population already employed. Read how two companies are solving this problem.  

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