Posted by: 2. April 2013

Taiwan Eyes U.S. for Advancing Technology

Split between the Nangang Exhibition Hall, shown here, and the Taiwan World Trade Center, TIMTOS 2013 was literally bursting at the seams—more than 3,000 potential exhibitors were turned away. Those that were there emphasized technology that is increasingly sophisticated and specialized. 


Quality equipment and relatively low prices have traditionally made Taiwanese machine tools attractive in the U.S. market, but builders from the small island nation are increasingly touting the “quality” side of that equation. My visit this past March to the Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS), the biennial machine tool exhibition in the capital city, confirmed that these suppliers do indeed offer many of the technologically sophisticated features and capabilities valued by shops here in the States. Additionally, the industry—and the show itself—have been growing at a rapid pace despite economic uncertainty. Click here for a full report.  

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