Posted by: 1. October 2012

Technology Roundup from IMTS 2012


I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Shinbara, Technology Director at AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology, during IMTS for a chat about the new technology we saw at IMTS. I wanted to compare notes as preparation for my interview with IMTStv. Tim had lots of insights and valuable observations to share that confirmed or enhanced my impression of the show. Plus it was just fun to talk to someone keenly interested in the displays at IMTS.
Tim’s report for the October edition of AMT News summarizes his take on the key technology at IMTS 2012. The report balances the cool new stuff (such as the trend to converging technologies and proliferation of mobile data solutions) with important developments in the basics of traditional manufacturing processes (such tooling, fixturing and deburring.)
Read his report here to compare your show findings with his or to catch some things you might have missed if you couldn’t get to IMTS this year.


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