Posted by: 26. July 2011

The First One

I joined the staff of Modern Machine Shop seven and a half years ago. Prior to that, I worked for seven years for a PR agency that catered only to makers of manufacturing equipment. So I’ve been writing about machining and metalworking for a good bit of time.
The first article I wrote for Modern detailed the difference between machine rebuilds, retrofits and remanufactures, and offered advice when choosing and dealing with a machine rebuilder. Although this piece was published in 2004, it still has legs today. Read more if you think refurbishing your existing equipment might make more sense than purchasing a new machine. 
This vintage 1983 Mazak Slant Turn received a complete remanufacture, including an upgrade to a 32-bit Mazatrol T-Plus CNC. (Slant Turn photos courtesy of Mazak Corp.)
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