Posted by: 20. March 2014

The Road to Better Parts

Photo courtesy of David Gray from The Millennium Group, a Jenoptik sales partner
in Greenville, S.C.

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology is asking U.S.-based manufacturers to bring their quality challenges to its experts as part of its 2014 road show event: The Better Parts Challenge. The point of these demonstrations is to show how Jenoptik measuring devices and software can help shops make their specific parts at a higher quality while potentially reduce production costs.

According to Peter Ackroyd, Jenoptik sales manager, precision measurement of surface, form, and dimensional tolerances will help manufacturers make good parts even better.

In addition to the Better Parts Challenge, Jenoptik will conduct seminars on the “Fundamentals of Surface Finish and Form.”

The tour runs from April to November 2014. Go here to learn more about event locations and registration information. 

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