Twizy: 15 in “Zero”

This is a Renault Twizy: It is an electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery.

This is a Renault Twizy:


It is an electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery.

It is a diminutive—just 2.34-m (92.1-in.) long, 1.24-m (48.8-in.) wide and 1.45-m (57-in.) tall—with an 80-km (49.7-mile) range (“by applying eco-driving principles”) or 55 km (34.1 miles) (“in severe conditions with repeated hard acceleration”).

Chances are, the Twizy is pretty much a vehicle that is best suited for urban environments.


Given the side windows—or lack thereof—it is probably best suited for climes in which there is little in the way of rain.

Clearly, the market is rather limited for the Twizy.

So perhaps Renault was excited that filmmaker Terry Gilliam, the man behind such films as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Brazil, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, used 15 Twizys in The Zero Theorem, a film opening tomorrow.


While we haven’t seen the film, apparently it is set in “London, in the not-too-distant future.”

Which leads us to wonder about the drizzle.

The Twizy is manufactured in a plant in Valladolid, Spain (approximately 150 km, 93 miles, northwest of Madrid). Presumably, the climate would be more suitable for a car like that.

But then again, this is a Terry Gilliam film.