Posted by: 7. May 2013

VF-1: Then and Now

Haas Automation produced this digital book to commemorate its 30-year anniversary. I found the spread on pages 16 and 17 particularly interesting. Comparing the VF-1 machining center of 1988 with the same model today, it illustrates how far the technology of this staple machining center has come. The original 1988 version offered speeds ranging to 5,000 rpm, a 7.5-hp spindle motor and 128K of program memory. Today, those same specs are speeds ranging to 8,100 rpm, 30 hp and 1 MB of memory. Meanwhile, the price is half as much. When the 1988 model was introduced at IMTS that year, it had a price equivalent to $98,000 in today’s dollars. The modern VF-1 is $48,995. 

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