Posted by: 4. June 2013

Video: Additive Manufacturing at GE Aviation

This video from GE Aviation featuring company president and CEO David Joyce, as well as Greg Morris of the company’s Additive Development Center, describes the company’s plans for additive manufacturing and the advantages it sees in pursuing this technology.

Chief among those advantages is the freedom to create a better part. In this video, we see a component that GE was not ready to let me portray or talk about when I wrote this article: the fuel nozzle for the LEAP jet engine. As the video describes, fuel nozzles typically are prone to accumulation of carbon deposits. This new design made through additive manufacturing features internal cooling channels that reduce that accumulation.

The new nozzle is also lighter. Formerly it would have been an assembly of 18 pieces, but now the nozzle can be grown as a single piece, reducing part weight by about 25 percent. Because there are 19 of these nozzles per LEAP engine, that weight savings adds up.

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