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Video: Meet a Manufacturing Engineer

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What does a career in manufacturing engineering look like? What does the work entail? Who should consider this field?

These might seem like basic questions, but they are very important questions to young people who might have the aptitude for manufacturing engineering, but are unaware that such a profession exists.

With the support of the SME Education Foundation and AMT—the Association For Manufacturing Technology, we recently produced this video, which educators and guidance counselors can use to offer an authentic picture of manufacturing engineering. In it, Rebecca Miller, a 27-year-old quality control engineer with GE Aviation, describes the work she does and why she finds her field rewarding.

One of the points she stresses is that manufacturing engineering draws upon teamwork far more than other engineering fields.

The SME Education Foundation is a non-profit group working to reach and develop the next generation of manufacturing engineers and related professionals. In time for National Engineers Week and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, the Foundation will send a DVD of this video and a companion discussion guide to about 4,800 middle schools and high schools throughout the country.

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