Posted by: 27. June 2012

Why Air Gaging? 10 Reasons

Why use air gaging? To start, it’s versatile. Gaging with air pressure can be applied to measuring flatness, roundness, squareness, taper and straightness.

Chris Koehn, general manager of Stotz Air Gaging, offers 10 other reasons why air gaging might make sense. They include:

1. Speed. Measurement takes seconds and can be done inline.
2. Precision. Repeatability of millionths of an inch is achievable.
3. Consistency between people. No special training is needed—different operators get consistent results.
4. Ease of use. Measurement involves straightforward steps. More advanced systems capture data electronically.
5. Non-contact measurement. Won’t damage the parts being measured.
6. Self-cleaning operation. The measurement works off of an air blow, so clearing debris or coolant is a side benefit.
7. Longevity. The gage has no moving parts.
8. Small-diameter measurement. Measures IDs smaller than 1 mm.
9. Taper measurement. Displays in degrees, minutes or seconds.
10. Thin-wall parts. Measuring with an air gage will not distort the walls.


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