Et Cetera: Production Machining's New E-Newsletter

Production Machining is rolling out a new e-newsletter called “Et Cetera.” It is a weekly compilation of our blog posts and will land in your inbox each Friday.

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Chris Felix

Production Machining is rolling out a new e-newsletter called “Et Cetera.” The newsletter is a compilation of our latest blog posts that will be delivered to your inbox each Friday. Sometimes you are too busy to visit our blog every day. That’s okay. The newsletter enables you to quickly scan a weekly roundup of posts to see what catches your eye.

The blog and the newsletter are effective channels that support what’s presented in Production Machining. They enable us to share our experiences (sometimes in a more lighthearted manner) as we engage with the businesses and personalities that apply machining technologies in innovative, creative ways.

We hope this will be an opportunity to engage and hear from you directly. What is your reaction to any of the posts you read here? Email any of the contributors your thoughts. What have you seen lately?

You can also find the blog any time by following the "Blog" link at the top our website.

You may opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of each weekly newsletter.

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