Mark Through the Years

Every 10 years or so, I devote a column to my reflections on reaching a significant milestone on life's journey.

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Mark Albert

Mark has been writing his Mark: My Word column every month since January, 1981.

Turning 30...

Turning 40...

Turning 50...

And now 60 years old.

Over the years, I’ve seen the times change. I’ve also witnessed how time has changed me. I’ve had the rare opportunity and privilege to share my perception of these changes in the occasional Mark: My Word column written for Modern Machine Shop magazine. Three pieces, written roughly ten years apart, chronicle the passage of my lifetime as an editor, as an observer of the metalworking industry and as a traveler on the human journey. These writings are assembled here as a timely background to the latest installment appearing in the September 2013 issue of MMS.  

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