On Automation

Automation is a very real change that many shops are implementing to help improve their production processes.

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The September issue of Modern Machine Shop contains three feature stories, a column and a case study touching on the topic of automation. But we have written even more to this topic lately. Here is a small sampling of some of those stories:


From Aggravation to Lights-Out Production

(Un)Stoppable Automation for the Mold Shop

The Unaxpected Advantages of Robotic Automation


Shop-Wide Automation Approach Enables 24/7 Machining 

Flixible Robot Arm Boosts Production


Is Automation a Job Killer?

More Automation at Aztalan

MTConnect Aids Robotic Autoamtion

Factory Automation Made Easy

Can You Add Automation Without Enclosures?


The Automation Incentive



September 2013 cover.

Editor Pick

Improvement Versus Reinvention: Impressions from Virginia

A three-day journey through Virginia shows advanced manufacturing’s concern with pursuing lean principles when facing challenges rooted in the past and arriving on the horizon.