AM Part Certification & A Skilled Workforce: Overcoming Obstacles to AM success

February 18
2:00 PM

Certification is a major obstacle to the deployment of AM. It is magnified by a number of factors affecting part performance and by the broad knowledge set required to consistently produce conforming builds. New simulations, process controls, and inspections are used to facilitate certification. 

An often overlooked critical component to the solution is the role of qualified workers with the technology and supply chain for specific industry applications. Chris Krampitz, strategy & innovation director for UL's Digital Manufacturing Technologies division, will discuss the criticality of this component as AM technology is applied in production, as quality systems evolve to meet specific requirements, and as global manufacturing faces an impending skilled labor shortage. 

About UL 

UL, the global, independent safety science leader, collaborates with the AM industry to advance innovation, safety and quality. With over a century of supply chain safety, performance expertise and engineering knowledge, UL is a trusted partner to AM machine and material manufacturers, retailers, and commercial and industrial companies. UL helps navigate AM industry challenges such as training and education, equipment and material compliance, and printed part and product validation. Learn more at

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