How High Speed Machining Can Improve Your Bottom Line

June 12 - 12, 2013
2:00 PM

In today’s competitive world of global manufacturing, it is becoming essential for manufacturers to rethink the role technology can play to increase machine through-put and efficiency. By examining the primary factors that support high-speed machining from a broader perspective, it becomes easier to see the impact that implementing changing technology can have on machine “up-time”, reductions in “downtime”, personnel and shop-floor overhead. This seminar shows how the implementation of several existing and proven CAM strategies, technologies and methodologies working in harmony can have a significant impact on a shops profitability and bottom line. The concepts of High Volume material removal, Plunge Roughing, 3- to 5-axis morph roughing and finishing and even something as simple as selecting the right application approach can all play a significant role in overhauling the efficiency of any shop. a. What is High-Speed Machining (HSM) b. Factors contributing to optimized High-Speed Machining c. Why HSM is important in today’s manufacturing environment d. What elements comprise HSM e. HSM Tools, Technologies and Methods f. HSM and Cost Reduction

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