Managing Waste Streams from Point of Generation to Recycle & Reuse

August 24
2:00 PM

Proper waste metal and fluid management play a critical role in today’s metal working and machining companies. What used to be a money drain can now be a revenue stream. PRAB provides a complete line of products and solutions for effective waste metal and fluid management. 
The process begins with a complete review of the current situation and application. The next step is to clearly define goals and requirements. From that foundation, a solution is created using the best available equipment and technologies. 
An ROI can then be developed to quantify the payback for this investment. 
Besides the direct savings, a proper system can also provide you with improved employee health and safety, increased tool life, reduced disposal costs, less new coolant purchases and increased value of your metal scrap. 

Primary Topics: 
• Identify the Area of Concern 
• Gather Detailed Application Information 
• Select the Proper Equipment Solution for Chip Processing and Fluid Filtration 
• Review Wastewater Needs and Solutions 

Presenter: Mike Hook 
Mike Hook has been with PRAB since September 2012, starting out as an Applications Engineer for Conveyors. After a couple years in Engineering, he then moved to the sales department handling Chip Systems. Due to his exceptional work with Chip Systems sales, he was promoted to National Sales Manager at the beginning of 2017; overseeing both the Chip Systems and Conveyors sides of the business.

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