Why Cloud ERP Makes Sense for Small-sized Job Shops

August 15 - 15, 2013
2:00 PM

For today's small-sized job shops , Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can help to streamline and improve their business. However, they may not have the budget and staffing resources to maintain an on-premise solution. That’s why cloud-based ERP makes the most sense for these job shops. Cloud ERP can provide an array of benefits. Foremost is a reduction in costs. Operational benefits from Cloud ERP include everything from improved planning and scheduling to more accurate inventory control. Lastly, it fosters improved visibility, communication and collaboration across the organization. Primary topics (what the registrant will learn): - Reduces IT and Operational Costs - Improve access to all information including job costing and planning and scheduling - Regain control of your Inventory - Promotes collaboration, standardization and visibility of data across the organization

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