Lubrication & Metalworking Fluid Performance in the Machining of Ferrous Metal-Cast Aluminum Bi-Metal Components

March 09
2:00 PM

Bi-metal machining presents challenges with regard to the performance requirements of the metalworking fluid used. Common bi-metal operations include face milling of aluminum engine blocks containing a ferrous metal cylinder sleeve and reaming of engine crankshaft bores comprised of aluminum paired with a ferrous metal bearing cap. While the mechanical, thermal and wear properties of the two dissimilar metals serve to fulfill specific design features, the simultaneous machining of the two dissimilar metals often give rise to problems with machined surface finish, elevated cutting forces, machined part dimensions, as well as accelerated tool wear. This session will discuss the machining properties of bi-metal parts, methods useful for studying machinability and fluid performance, as well as insight into the compositional and property features of metalworking fluids best suited for use in such operations. 

Primary topics: 
a. Machining challenges associated with machining dissimilar metals 
b. Machining test conditions useful for studying metalworking fluid performance in aluminum engine block deck face milling 
c. Machining conditions useful for studying metal working fluid performance in bi-metal crank bore reaming 
d. Fluid requirements necessary for effective bi-metal machining performance 

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