Time to market is the key to beating the competition - learn how your company can jump ahead of the competition with the latest technology.

October 23 - 23, 2013
2:00 PM

Wouldn’t it be nice if: 1. You could capture the best practices of your best programmers and machinist and apply these standard processes to ensure process quality, so that no matter who in your team creates the CNC program, they use tried and proven processes? 2. Your software could identify the features on a part that need to be machined and identify any machining related problems ahead of time? 3. You could say, with a high degree of confidence, that your machining processes were some of the most efficient in the industry Join us to understand how the latest in technology can help you address some of the challenges today’s machine shops face. Primary topics (what the registrant will learn): Ability to identify machinability issues in design ahead of time and prevent surprised in what you achieve and what you estimate Ensure that your machining processes are standardized and you are able to intelligently re-use the knowledge of your best machinists even after they may no longer be with your team Take the full benefit of the ultra-high performance toolpaths to ensure the fastest machining times How these critical elements can be addressed using technology to be the best in time-to-market amongst your peers?

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