Optimizing CMM Inspection Team

Optimizing CMM Inspection

Inventor of the touch-trigger probe — the enabling technology for automated inspection on coordinate measuring machines, Renishaw offers technical assistance from its CMM Products Group on ways to optimize CMM performance — everything from probe and styli selection to total machine upgrades to advanced 5-axis high-speed scanning technology.
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Fine-Tuning Machine Tools Team

Fine-Tuning Machine Tools

Renishaw’s Calibration Group offers global leadership in technologies for monitoring, maintaining and fine-tuning machine tool performance. Advanced laser interferometer systems bring nanometer-level motion analysis to machine calibration, compensation and error-mapping. Ballbars, first introduced by Renishaw, enable 10-minute “quick check” and software analysis of machine dynamics.
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Integrating Machine Tool Part Inspection Team

Integrating Machine Tool Part Inspection

Renishaw experts offer guidance on how to speed throughput, realize greater automation, and raise process control by integration of part probing into machining operations. Probing hardware and software allow probing routines to be utilized for machine set-up, automated part ID and toolsetting, in-process control, first-off part inspection and final inspection. Software suites from Renishaw integrate probing routines with CNC part programming.
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