Back in the Family

Avins USA Inc. is now owned by the executive management of the company.

News From: 11/11/2013 Production Machining

Avins USA Inc. is now owned by the executive management of the company. It is once again a 100 percent family-owned American small business.

Avins USA, which started as a family business in 1953, was purchased in early 2007 by a publicly-listed Swiss company, Swissmetal Holding Ltd. For the last 7 years, Avins has been a part of the Swissmetal Holding Group, which came with its own set of challenges.  The company is excited to return to the entrepreneurial fundamentals that made Avins the reliable supplier for your business for so many years. 

The change in ownership strengthens our partnership with Baoshida Swissmetal and allows us to better align our current and future strategies. Additionally, we are focused on re-establishing the breadth of products for which Avins was historically known including: rod, wire, strip, foils, precision tubing, castings and other precision products. 

Avins recently added a sales engineer in its newly established Los Angeles office, has strengthened its New Jersey team with an additional sales engineer and expanded into Mexico with a sales engineer in Guadalajara. We have implemented a new cloud-based system called NetSuite, which allows us to more efficiently execute orders. 


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