Delcam Leads Additive Project

The U.K.-based software developer will head a consortium focused on implementing CAD/CAM solutions for 3D printing.

Delcam will lead a research and development project called Light designed to make it easier for the U.K. manufacturing supply chain to adapt additive manufacturing processes for lightweight metal products. Its goal is to implement and validate CAD/CAM solutions for lightweight 3D-printed components, as well as inspire design and demonstrate applications. The project will be conducted by a consortium of seven organizations, including Bloodhound SSC, Hieta, CRDM/3D Systems, EOS, Simpleware and Magna Parva in addition to Delcam.

The project kicked off at a Dec. 12 meeting at Delcam’s Birmingham, U.K., headquarters, with partners discussing their expectations for the project and perspectives on additive manufacturing. The consortium will use an empirical set of trials, benchmarks and demonstrators, to refine a series of test parts with a focus on performance, rather than design. The 30-month endeavor is co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the U.K.’s innovation agency that aims to accelerate economic growth through business-led innovation efforts.

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