KLH Celebrates 25 Years

To commemorate the new milestone, the company will host a morning radio show and conduct an open house at a recently opened facility.

On October 19, KLH Industries will celebrate 25 years in business by hosting a live broadcast of WKLH’s flagship morning show, “Dave & Carole.” The program will coincide with a morning job fair, followed by an afternoon open house for the company’s second facility, which opened in 2011.
The live morning show, broadcast from 5-10 a.m. by WKLH 96.5 FM, will feature 2-3 guest interviews from KLH Industries, including owner and CEO Kenneth L. Heins. During the broadcast, the company will be seeking qualified listeners to fill several open positions, including EDM machinists, CNC machinists and an experienced machining estimator.

KLH Industries, call 262-253-4990 or visit klhindustries.com