Marking Equipment Divisions Unite Under One Brand

The company has also implemented a more synergistic business model.

Gravotech reports that it has united its four divisions under a new corporate banner and implemented a more synergistic business model that blends the best of each division into centralized locations.  The company’s four divisions are Gravograph, which produces laser and mechanical engraving equipment; Technifor, which offerse permanent marking systems including dot peen, laser and scribing; Propen, which provides simple benchtop and portable marking solutions; and Type3, a developer of artistic CAD/CAM software.
According to the company, uniting all divisions under one brand identity provides customers with consistency and enable them to move seamlessly from one marking solution to another. Likewise, uniting R&D activities on a single site, grouping industrial facilities in two main sites and merging distribution networks enables offering customers a consistent, high standard of service and support.

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