NAMII Unveils New Brand: America Makes

The institute has initiated a rebranding effort to better reflect the nature of its mission.

The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) announced that it will rebrand itself as “America Makes” to kick start a U.S.-based additive manufacturing and 3D printing movement. The organization revealed the changes at its second program management review meeting held in Youngstown, Ohio.

“America Makes is a vehicle for the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute to raise our profile, reach a wider audience to include the hobbyist and the entrepreneur, and ultimately, provide a richer member experience,” stated Ralph Resnick, founding director of the institute. The rebrand is the result of sentiment within the organization that its identity was limited by its five-letter acronym, one that did not fully or aptly convey the intent, the depth or mission of the organization.

According to Mr. Resnick, "Our mission has not changed; it has just been clarified. We look to embrace innovation from whatever its source as we collectively strive to accelerate the true realization of additive manufacturing through 3D printing. We are growing the inertia from our incredible first year of activities into a long overdue manufacturing movement because again history has proven that 'When America Makes, America Works.’”

In other news, the institute recently welcomed several new members including Illinois Tool Works, Tobyhanna Army Depot, 3M, Deformation Control Technology, Rhinestahl, Sciaky, and USA Science & Engineering Festival. Additionally, Wohlers Associates has upgraded its membership from Full to Lead member.

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