Report: Korea's GS Caltex, Tesla discussing carbon fiber use for vehicles

Reports from Reuters and The Korea Herald say that U.S.-based Tesla will talk with the S. Korean petrochemicals manufacturer about possible use of a GS Caltex long carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic compound.

Reuters and The Korea Herald each have published reports that petrochemicals supplier GS Caltex (Seoul, S. Korea) is expected to enter into talks with a U.S. electric carmaker regarding the carmaker's use of GS Caltex's long carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) compound in new cars. Reuters says the carmaker is Tesla; The Korea Herald does not identify the carmaker.

“A team of officials will visit the United States at the end of this month [August] to discuss the use of CLFT in the carmaker’s electric models,” a GS Caltex spokesman told The Korea Herald, declining to name the U.S. company. Which vehicles and parts for which Tesla might use CLFT was not revealed.

GS Caltex also reports that its long CLFT will be supplied to automaker Kia Motors for the sunroof frame of its Sorento sport utility vehicle, due out later this month.

Sources: Reuters, The Korea Herald.