SME Announces Strategic Changes

The organization is rebranding and unifying its various facets.

At its annual conference in Baltimore on June 3, SME (Dearborn, Michigan) announced several strategic changes designed to unify its various projects and services. The organization is integrating its membership program, events, media, training and development efforts, and the SME Education Foundation with a more focused mission and branding strategy. SME’s redefined core statements include a vision to “Enhance progress, prosperity and strong communities through manufacturing,” a mission to “Inspire, prepare and support [the organization’s] stakeholders,” and a purpose to “Advance manufacturing and attract future generations.”
Several key branding changes are taking place alongside this integration. The organization will now refer to itself by the SME monogram rather than its full legal name, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. This decision is based on the organization’s recognition that it now serves professionals throughout manufacturing, including welders, machinists and researchers in addition to engineers. The monogram reinforces the familiarity of the SME name but will enable the organization to redefine its role in the industry. Additionally, SME will use a new logo featuring the inclusive tagline, “Making the future. Together.” A new website is also in the works.

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