UCIMU Board Announced for 2014-2016

The 2014 general assembly coincided with the renewal of the association’s board of directors to appoint the new officials.

The 2014 general assembly of UCIMU-Sistemi Per Produrre, Italy’s machine tool, robotics and automation manufacturer’s association, held July 1 coincided with the renewal of the association’s board of directors. Luigi Galdabini was re-elected to lead the association for a two-year period lasting from 2014 to 2016. The vice presidents will be Sergio Bassanetti, Massimo Carboniero and Riccardo Rosa.

Additionally, the following directors will sit on the board: Domenico Appendino, Alessandro Batisti, Mauro Biglia, Barbara Colombo, Stefano Dal Lago, Filippo Gasparini, Patrizia Ghiringhelli, Veronica Just, Marco Livelli, Giuseppe Sceusi, Tomaso Tarozzi and Director Emeritus Dante Speroni.

The new leading team will also include: Immediate Past President Giancarlo Losma, Treasurer and Past President Pier Luigi Streparava and Past Presidents Ezio Colombo, Cesare Manfredi, Flavio Radice, Bruno Rambaudi, Andrea Riello and Alberto Tacchella. Alfredo Mariotti is the director general.

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