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  DerekLeveraging Benchmarking
Derek Korn, Senior Editor, Email Derek

We've gotten positive feedback from a number of shop owners and managers who value our annual Top Shops benchmarking surveys. One such person is Paul Hayes, who says he used Top Shops benchmarking data to help guide positive change at Able Tool after being promoted to company president a couple of years ago. Mr. Hayes says he appreciates the Top Shops program because the best-practices intelligence it offers can be particularly challenging for small shops like his to access. Learn More.

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Affordable Part Marking System Marks Uneven Surfaces
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The Flexmark dot peen direct part marking system is an economical 2-in-1 solution. Switch from bench to hand-held marking in under 10 seconds. Ideal for small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Create high-quality marks on both flat and uneven surfaces with ease with Flexmark's IDI (Intelligent Driving Impact) Basic technology. More
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Machinist Calc Pro Increases Machine Shop Productivity
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The Machinist Calc Pro Machining Math and Reference Tool is a handheld calculator that will increase your shop's productivity and profitability. Built-in Drill Size and Thread tables will save you time and steps every day. • Speeds and Feeds • Bolt Pattern Hole Layouts • Trigonometric and Right Triangle Solutions • Fractional/Metric conversions.

Read the Top Shops Executive Summary
We establish an elite benchmarking group for each of our Top Shops benchmarking surveys. This digital edition of our 2013 Executive Summary compares responses from the benchmarking group with the other shops that participated in the survey. Additional information about this year's benchmarking survey can be found in our magazine's online Top Shops Zone.
Making CMM Inspection More Effective
Many shops use quick-change workholding devices on their CNC machine tools to speed and simplify change-overs. One company has developed modular fixturing components to enable users to realize similar benefits on CMMs, such as opening inspection bottlenecks and reducing machine tool downtime waiting for part measurement.

Learn more in this article with video.
MazakThe Five Levels of Multitasking
Mazak's Multitasking Knowledge Center on MMS Online explains the five levels of multitasking ranging from turning centers with live tooling to comprehensive multi-process platforms that turn, mill, grind, hone, cut gears and more. In this section of the Knowledge Center, each level is explained both in terms of the equipment configurations and the parts they can produce.

The Why Multitasking section discusses the fundamental benefits of combining multiple processes in a single setup. It specifies the advantages of multitasking for larger companies and OEMS as well as for job shops. Another section states the case for what multitasking can mean for North American manufacturing.

If you prefer to focus on workpiece applications, go to the multitasking parts examples section. Each part shown in the gallery is linked to pages showing how multitasking technology dramatically improved its processing productivity.

CimatronTips to Enhance Your NC Process
Presented by Cimatron, Sept. 18
The goal for every shop is to get high-quality product out the door quickly. A good place to start this process is in the NC department. Join Cimatron Wednesday, September 18 at 2 p.m. EST to learn tips for improving your NC process and how to reduce programming times by more than 25 percent. Register today.
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product NEW! CL5™ Quick-Change 5-Axis Workholding
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Get Faster, More Accurate Set Ups! CL5 from Carr Lane consists of three components: a subplate, a riser, and top tooling made up of a vise or a fixture plate. The combination allows flexible and easy clamping, and 5-side part access. Several versions of fixture plates, vises and jaws are available. More
product Tapeswitch Corp. Offers Compact, Lightweight SAFETY LASER SCANNER For Perimeter Guarding, Optical Guarding, & Machine Guarding
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The safety laser scanner offers a wide area detection zone/190°, easily set to a maximum protection range/2 meters & maximum warning range/10 meters. Status indicators with seven segment display/currently selected area/error number in real time. Both vertical and horizontal mounting options. More
Makino The Makino a61nx-5E: Small on Space. Big on Productivity and Reliability
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Create small components featuring 3-D contours in a smaller footprint, without compromising the highly productive spindle performance and 5-axis capabilities of larger aerospace machines. See it in action now
Big Kaiser Space Saving Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers
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Kitamura's new Mycenter-G Series line of Machining Centers is designed using advanced materials along with ultra-high precision techniques that offer an exclusive blend of performance, ergonomics, style and affordability all wrapped into one smart design. Visit our Virtual Showroom to learn more.
Video Automatic Relubrication System
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The FlexxPump 1500 is a compact cost effective automatic relubrication unit that delivers grease efficiently with minimum quantity to the lubrication points. Unit is equipped with 10 outlets having programmable delivery rate and frequency. The system is completed with tubing, high performance lubricants, and fittings available from Andantex USA Inc. More
Video Heimatec Live Tooling
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World leader in live tooling, including speed multipliers, for all popular machine tool models. Heimatec is growing fast and is currently seeking reps and distributors for North America. More
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