300 Series of Digital Optical Comparators for Smaller Parts

Originally titled 'Series of Digital Optical Comparators for Smaller Parts'

Methods Machine Tools offers the 300 series of VisionGauge digital optical comparators developed by Visionx.

Methods Machine Tools offers the 300 series of VisionGauge digital optical comparators developed by Visionx. According to the company, the optical comparators are cost-effective desktop measurement systems that are well-suited for parts measuring as large as 1.7" × 1.2".  The comparators have an extended depth-of-field to accommodate tall parts, and a long working distance between the part and the lens provides ample clearance and room to work, the company says.
The desktop instruments have all of the functionality of the 500 series, including CAD auto-align and auto pass/fail tools. The auto-align tool automatically aligns CAD data to the part in less than 2 sec., producing repeatable and accurate results that are operator-independent, the company says. The auto pass/fail tool determines in real-time whether a part is within tolerance. The tool can be point-based, or it can consider complete geometric entities. It can perform both simultaneously on the same part.
The comparators work directly with the part's CAD data and don't require any overlays or templates. The fully digital comparators are designed to efficiently collect complete digital records of inspections including images, measurements and other statistical data that are critical for statistical process control (SPC) for documenting quality compliance. The 300 series has no moving or consumable parts.

The desktop comparators are a Windows-based solution that is delivered network-ready.  They are said to be easy to set up, and the company provides training so that the systems can be ready to run on day one. 

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