3D Surface Scanner For High-Throughput Lines

Jointly developed by Siemens Optical Solutions and Metrology Resource Company, the Siemens Siscan Model MC64 sensor uses a vertically oscillating turning fork for 3D surface scanning. With a lateral resolution of 10 microns and a vertical resolution of 0.5 microns, the 64-channel, confocal displacement sensor with standard optics scans surfaces at 80 mm/s. It has a measurement range to 1.6 mm, a height resolution of 0.5 microns and a lateral resolution of 10 microns. Featuring a sample rate per channel of 8,000 per second and a working distance of 8 mm, the sensor can take 512,000 measurements per second. 


Typical applications include distance, depth or flatness measurement; measuring waviness or roughness; 3D shape inspection; bump inspection of wafers and substrates; and laser weld inspection. The company says the confocal combination makes the sensor particularly useful for high-throughput production lines, process-control applications and high-precision, quality-control applications in diverse production environments.

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