3D Systems Introduces Plastic Injection Molding-Like Material

3D Systems has introduced VisiJet M3 Black, a plastic injection molding-like material for use in its ProJet 3500/3510 professional 3D printers.

New Product Announcements From: 10/17/2013 Additive Manufacturing

3D Systems has introduced VisiJet M3 Black, a plastic injection molding-like material for use in its ProJet 3500/3510 professional 3D printers. It is said to be the printers’ strongest, most durable material yet, with excellent toughness and flex properties that make it suitable for snap-fit and assembly applications. Its jet-black color also mimics injection-molded plastic performance so engineers and designers can prototype, test and use parts that look and feel like the final product, the company says.

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