3D Viewer Enables NC Data Sharing

Spring Technologies’ NCSIMUL Player 9 enables sharing of simulated 3D machining jobs.

New Product From: 7/19/2013 Modern Machine Shop

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Spring Technologies’ NCSIMUL Player 9 enables sharing of simulated 3D machining jobs. Users can analyze, manipulate and display NC programs and machining simulations in real time, block by block or as an end result through the 3D viewer. The program features new and updated functions, including simulation review, 3D functional dimensioning, a measurement tool, an integrated screen capture tool, and a display that enables realistic renderings and interaction with the 3D geometry.

The viewing technology is backward- and bidirectional-compatible between 32- and 64-bit operating systems. Additionally, the viewer can display the contents of a machining job generated by NCSIMUL Machine down to version 8.9.4. A touch interface enables 3D manipulation and quick access to functions, while a “tile” application in the Windows 8 Pro environment provides direct access to 3D movies. Additionally, the program can be integrated with other NCSIMUL products, and 3D machining movies can be incorporated into production documentation via NCdoc or NCSIMUL Publisher, or as an attachment to the NC program via NCSimul DNC.

The program uses the np3 format, said to enhance collaboration around NC data. According to the company, the simulation data is accessible to all other manufacturing processes, and can be incorporated into technical documentation, instruction sheets, project reviews and more. The ability to reuse NC information enables the sharing of data across programmers, operators, and workshop and project managers.

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