A Solution To Common Cooling Problems

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The chemistry of PicoCool 5254 has been developed primarily to meet the demands of job shops that need a coolant to perform operations ranging from cast iron grinding to CNC machining high-alloy steels. 


The company’s “new generation” of synthetic technology is designed to eliminate problems such as odors, oily residue and questionable refractometer readings that are typically associated with soluble oils and semi-synthetics.


A multifunctional, water-dilutable synthetic coolant, the coolant is oil- and chlorine-free. The company says it offers corrosion protection, high lubricity, hard water stability and prolonged sump life. The coolant can reject tramp oils and drop fines; it can be fine filtered and is biodegradable in water treatment systems. 


Suitable for use with virtually all metals and most machining and grinding applications, PicoCool 5254 is said to be especially useful for small- to medium-sized machine shops.


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