Abrasive Waterjet System For Large Jobs

New Product Announcements From: 8/21/2006 Modern Machine Shop

Designed to machine large or multiple parts from stock up to 6 ft × 14 ft, Omax Corporation’s 80160 JetMachining Center features standard axis travels as high as 168" × 80". The machine can cut parts from most materials, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and composites, directly from a CAD drawing or .DXF file. The machine has a dynamic positioning accuracy as high as ±0.003".


The company’s motion control technology, Compute First — Move Later, comes standard with the machine. Incorporating Windows XP software, the system can calculate the velocity of a tool path at more than 2,000 points per inch.


Other features include an abrasive feed system equipped with the Maxjet 5 nozzle, a direct-drive pump, a precision-bridge X axis and a cantilever Y axis, which is mounted to the cutting table. Also, the company says it will provide updated software to all existing customers at no additional charge.


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