Access To Difficult-To-Reach Tapping Locations(2)

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Walton Company’s Style B tap extensions are an alternative to extra-length taps. They can be used for machine and hand tapping in difficult-to-reach locations. Designed for a long service life, these alloy steel tools are heat-treated for strength and durability. Each extension fits an individual tap size, and square or round sockets conform to the size standards of many tap manufacturers.


The close-fitting deep socket of the extension supports the tap, which is held in place by two socket set screws bearing 90 degrees apart on the square of the tap. The extensions are available in a range of sizes when purchased individually, and they fit taps as large as 11/2" (1.6 mm to 38 mm). They can also be purchased as a set of nine to fit 15 tap sizes from 0" to 1/2" (1.6 mm to 12 mm). Three hex keys and six extra socket set screws are included. In addition, the company also offers Style A tap extensions for hand tapping only.





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