Achieve Burr-Free Threads, No Secondary Finishing Required

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Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp. offers an alternative to purchasing equipment dedicated to threading operations. By incorporating specialized attachments, users can accomplish precision threading with the company’s line of Deco Swiss-Type turning centers.


To offer expanded functionality, several enhancements have been made to the thread whirling unit, and the company is also introducing a larger external thread whirling attachment for use in counter operations.


Designed to facilitate whirling of large threads, the new thread whirling attachment operates on the counter or “sub” spindle. Larger-sized threads are typically found on hip or “lag” orthopedic bone screws. Generally, several operations are required on the shank of these cannulated parts. These processes include drilling, turning, gundrilling, milling, broaching, deburring, tapping and part cut-off on the main spindle. On the opposite end of the part, additional operations, such as drilling, thread whirling, thread deburring and milling in the counter spindle are needed. The Deco 20a and 26a machines can produce these parts in one setup, a process that may have previously required three to four machine tools, says the company.


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