Adapter System Improves Lathe Tooling Change-Overs

Exsys Tool offers Preci-Flex toolholders for lathe tooling change-overs.

New Product Announcements From: 3/5/2010 Modern Machine Shop

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Exsys Tool offers Preci-Flex toolholders for lathe tooling change-overs. The modular system features a single base holder and multiple tooling adapters that utilize the ER collet pocket.


The toolholder’s compact design maximizes torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machining accuracy and improved productivity, the company says. Additionally, its conical and flat-face planar interface enables it to be used with either an adapter or a standard ER collet. Also, collets, end mill holders, expanding collet chucks and shrink-fit tooling can be mounted on a single-base holder.


The toolholder is available in a range sizes, and it provides repeatability within 5 microns. The system is also said to virtually eliminate machine downtime, and it allows tooling adapters to be interchanged between fixed and rotary base holders.


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